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A python-wxwindows GUI to browse postgres databases.
Uses the psycopg db adapter. Shows table attribs, 
row-count and allows per column sorting of the current
fetch. Has an editable query widget.

New in 0.092

Version 0.092 includes a connection dialog, and saves queries on a per table basis. Also, a slider to position the database cursor, a 'Jump' button, an edit button and post editing case correction for sql keywords. PgSqlBrowser now 'remembers' the last connection and includes a small sql cheat-sheet.

This little script is lucky to be getting a page at all, so I'll be brief :-)

Here's a combined screen-shot of it:

Screenshot showing both notebook tabs

It will become a part of the Venture Command tools, that's why I'm putting it at this site.


pgSqlBrowser source is available here. (26K)

The pgSqlBrowser 'README', as text, is here.

The pgSqlBrowser 'CHANGELOG', as text, is here.

pgSqlBrowser is Copyright Paul Evans © 2001 under the GNU Public License.